The Rosewall Medal was introduced into the Interdistrict Competition in 1996 to recognise the "best and fairest" player over the course of the competition.

The name of Ken Rosewall is synonymous with fair play and sportsmanship in tennis and we were honoured when Ken agreed to attach his name to the medal in a competition in which he once was a competitor.

Ken Rosewall, one of the greats of tennis, won 18 major titles in a career spanning 25 years. He won his first singles title at the 1953 Australian Championships and followed this up with wins in 1955 and in 1971-72. He won the Australian doubles titles in 1953, 1956, 1969 and 1972; the French singles titles in 1953 and 1968; the Wimbledon doubles titles in 1953 and 1956; the US singles titles in 1956 and 1970 and the US doubles titles in 1956, 1969 and 1973. In addition he represented Australia in the Davis Cup in 1953-56, 1973 and 1975.

The Rosewall Medal is restricted to competitors in Division 1 of all Cups.  Participation is compulsory and nominees may be from either the winning or losing team.

The following criteria has been set down to determine the weekly nominees for the Rosewall Medal:

• "Best" - in three set matches, the nominee must win his/her singles and at least one doubles. In all other matches the nominee must win at least 50% of his/her sets.

• "Fairest" - the following are some of the factors which are to be taken into account when determining the weekly nominee:

• sportsmanship

• team participation

• general demeanour

• behaviour (both on and off the court)

• abuse of equipment/tennis balls

• audible/visual obscenities etc.

Year Winner Association Cup
2017 Lleyton Richards Hornsby K’Gai STL Esca Stephens
2016 Ryan Melham Southern Districts Esca Stephens
2015 Simon Albrecht Canterbury Bankstown Blackwell
2014 Cormac Clissold Southern Districts Blackwell
2013 Edwyn Ramos Blacktown Presidents
2012 Patricia Apisah Illawarra Crakanthorp
2011 Cormac Clissold Southern Diistricts Presidents Cup
2010 Monique Belovukovic Eastern Suburbs Crakanthorp Cup
2009 Ian Malvern Southern Districts Life Members Cup
2008 Col Gittoes Southern Districts George Rider Cup
2007 Brian McKillop NSW Chinese Life Members Cup
2006 Garry Mar NSW Chinese Shea-Wilton
2005 Cameron Smith Hills District McAndrew
2004 Aaron Clissold Southern Districts McAndrew
2003 Brenton Dumbrell Hornsby Kuring-gai Esca Stephens
2002 Bruce McCallum Eastern Sub Senior Men
2001 Jenny Swift Illawarra Wade & Neal
2000 Cedric Newham Parramatta-Baulkham Hills Shea-Wilton
1999 Chong Lim Northern Suburbs Esca Stephens
1998 Cedric Newham Parramatta-Baulkham Hills Shea-Wilton
1997 Joshua Sampson Canterbury Bankstown Esca Stephens
Dean Staunton Blacktown Presidents
1996 Amy Irwin Canterbury Bankstown Wade & Neal

2016 Rosewall Medal Winner

Above: Ryan Melham (2016 Medal Winner)

The 2016 winner of the Rosewall Medal was Ryan Melham who represented Southern Districts in the Esca Stephens Cup.

2015 Rosewall Medal Winner

Above: Simon Albrecht (2015 Medal Winner)

The 2015 winner of the Rosewall Medal was Simon Albrecht who represented Canterbury Bankstown in the Blackwell Cup.

2014 Rosewall Medal Winner

Above: Cormac Clissold (2014 Medal Winner)

The 2014 winner of the Rosewall Medal was Cormac Clissold who represented Southern Districts in the Blackwell Cup.

The Rosewall Medal was introduced in 1996. It is a prestigious award which carries the name of one of the all time great Australian tennis players, who was not only an outstanding player and good sport on the court, but a great ambassador for tennis off the court. He was also one of the ‘giants’ of tennis who won 18 major titles in a career spanning 25 years.


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